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Physics, Chemistry, and Math tutoring

"Chemistry, mathematics, and physics are darn hard!" -- Me

If you find these subjects to be difficult, you're not alone. Moreover, it's not a failure on your part. I'm an expert, and they were hard for me, too.


I have a Ph.D. in theoretical chemical physics from Brown University, and B.S. degrees in Chemistry and Physics from the University of Missouri at Columbia. I've been a professor of physical chemistry at the University of Houston and Clemson University, and a professor of biochemistry at the University of Texas Health Science Center (at the Houston medical center). I've taught classes in general chemistry, physical chemistry, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, and statistical mechanics. I've tutored all of those, along with organic chemistry, general physics, calculus, and algebra. My reviews have been generally positive, with comments along the lines of: "He's hard, but fair, and he really knows his stuff."


Anybody can learn these subjects, with enough hard work and a bit of direction. My job is to know the material very well in order to learn what the student knows, and doesn't know, and then provide that direction. That means I ask a lot of questions, and I expect a lot of answers (whether they be right or wrong), so my tutoring sessions are extremely interactive.

Going rate:

I charge $60 for a one-hour session.


I'm located in Spring, TX, just south of the Woodlands, and north of Houston. I do not offer online tutoring.

Contact info:

e-mail: grant@grantgoodyear.org

phone: (832) 592-7939

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